When you step outside your comfort zone for your higher purpose,
The Universe supports you in every way.


Huana Techniques

Huana Crystal Signatures (x8)

There are eight (8) Crystals Signatures, each working with different issues. Clients are asked to close their eyes when selecting a particular signature for their session. The reason for this is to bypass the ego-consciousness by connecting directly to their subconscious mind allowing it to select what their priority issue is without interference from the ego-mind. The client is then placed into an Alpha state – a state of semi-conscious, or drift into a state of sleep, some may even snore.

Huana Technique is known as Reiki for the Age of Aquarius. A system of healing that help in raising both individual and planetary consciousness, rebuilds our DNA, bringing us back to our full potential. Huana Crystal Signatures help to heal diseases in the physical that mirror issues held in the mental and emotional bodies while gently cleansing the aura and balance the chakras. It also relieves stress and enhances the positive aspects of other treatments you may be having. This technique is gentle, and helps you release any blockages and repetitive behavioural patterns or issues that you may be holding that no longer serve you, by identifying the root cause. The effect of the Huana Crystal Signature treatment lasts up to 3 weeks on high vibration, then settles in and works on a subtle level. Healing takes place on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


In the Huana Techniques I incorporate if necessary sound therapy as well as crystal healing sticks.

Session: Includes some body work with crystal infused aura some oils; colour, crystal and sound therapy; Reiki; chakra balancing and aura cleanse.

Duration: ±1-1:30hrs

Helps with: stress release, increase energy (depression), create balance, release repetitive behavioural patterns (addictions), stuckness, anxiety, fear, the need to feel protected and loved, anger, emotional difficulties, abuse, suicidal tendencies, and the inability to focus and complete tasks.


Huana Stone Circle

Comprise of three (3) sessions, 9 weeks apart for rebirth (a renewal process that allows and clears blockages at the vibrational levels.) Each treatment helps to release on all levels (physical, emotional, mental) and rebuild the spiritual path within.

  • Stone Circle 1 – works with the Physical body and three stone circles are used per session;
  • Stone Circle 2 – with the Emotional Body and three stone circles are used per session; and
  • Stone Circle 3 – with the Mental Body and three stone circles are used per session.

That gives you a total of 9 clay stones. Number 9 is a spiritually high vibrational number. When all three are balanced it connects you to your Spiritual Body. This treatment brings in major changes in your life, bringing all aspects in line with your Soul Path. Each Stone Circle resonates and lasts for 9 weeks. The 1st Stone Circle clears the path and opens the way for the 2nd Stone Circle and this in turn clears and opens the path for the 3rd Stone Circle.

Body work with aura soma oils, stone healing, chakra balancing and aura cleanse.

Session: Includes some body work with aura soma oils, stone healing, chakra balancing and aura cleanse. Additional crystals are placed on the body as and when required.

Duration: ±1-1:30hrs

Helps with: unblocking on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels; and shifting gears in your life. By the time clients have done the 3rd stone circle there have come about some change in their life e.g. change in jobs or career, buying a car, start a new relationship or strengthening an existing one, in some way or another they find a new way in their life.


Huana Balance

Absorbs and transforms old energy into residual energy that can be reintegrated in a positive way. Assist in shifting to new planetary energies or frequencies, balances the chakras, clears the aura and relieves stress. It assists you to open up and become more in tune with yourself and awaken your intuition to receive your own inner guidance to become more at peace with yourself.

Huana Balance

Session: Includes Crystal therapy, colour therapy, sound therapy, Reiki, chakra balancing and aura cleanse.

Duration: ±1-1:30hrs

Helps with: Releasing stress, and to become more intuitive to connect and learn to follow your own inner guidance and for more clarity in decision making.


Huana Aluna Medicine

Works with the moon energy – bringing in the feminine yin divine that assists with clearing the effects of the moon on us, bringing awareness and understanding. The moon relates to the tides of the ocean which in turn relates to our emotions. The moon also governs the female menstrual cycles. The moon also relates to the mind and the effects the moon has on our mind. This gentle treatment assists in removing fear, clearing blockages and letting go of the past. It is an instrument to alleviate the memory of pain, suffering, regret, anger, bitterness, domination, neglect, misunderstanding and denial. We all possess male and female aspects within ourselves, however over time we find that these aspects go out of balance for various reasons.

Huana Aluna Medicine

Session: Includes some body work with crystal infused aura soma oil, crystal healing, sound and colour therapy, Reiki, chakra balancing and aura cleanse.

Duration: ±1-1:30hrs

Helps with: over-sensitive or aggressive/rigid, empathic people, creates balance between the male & female aspects of the self, connects with feminine aspects of self e.g. more open to listen, becoming nurturing, loving, flexible, receptive to others needs. It deals with the extreme aspects of the self, bringing it into balance.


Specialised Kinesiology

Kinesiology balances the bodies’ energy system so that the body is able to utilise its own innate ability to heal. It uses muscle testing as a verification tool to assess the stresses and identify the treatment needed to effect a positive change. Muscle testing can help to find and defuse past memory, giving us new choices in the present! In other words – it gives our brain/mind a new file to access or reference from, and reprograms the ‘rouge file’. We do this by accessing the conscious and subconscious mind, as well as the core memory i.e. origin of issue/trauma/event.

Kinesiology includes many different holistic western and eastern techniques in a session e.g. acupressure points, nutrition, muscle balancing, tissue salts, flower essences, meridians, 5 elements, sabotage programs, emotions chart, detoxification, allergies, exercise programs and performance, etc. Kinesiology is effective in dealing with a wide variety of physical, emotional and mental issues. While taking into consideration the client’s symptoms, we also look beyond that to gain insight, as to why the client is experiencing this. Usually pain and illness is an indication that something in our life is out of balance – our body’s way of telling us something is amiss.

Specialised Kinesiology

Session: A kinesiology session is non-invasive and there is no need to remove clothing. A session consists of various balances/corrections.

Duration: ±1:30-2:00hrs

Helps with

Depression, Suicide
Divorce – Adults and Children
Food Allergies & Sensitivities
Learning difficulties
Muscle Protocols for injuries
Pain – back, neck, muscles, joints, pre or post surgery
Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Self Image
Sports Performance
Trauma, Fears & Phobias

Digestive disorders
Emotional problems
Menstrual Problems
Nutritional deficiencies, excess & programs
Relationship issues
Skin problems
Stress – mental, emotional & physical
Weight challenges


Dr Mikao Usui (Founder of Reiki)

Reiki is a non-invasive energy healing that works on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Energy is transferred by simply placing the hands on or above the body in a sequence of hand positions. The life energy that flows through the hands help to rebalance the energies in the body, returning it to its natural state of health. The energies go where healing is needed. It is based on the idea that ‘life energy’ flows through us through pathways in the physical body known as Chakras and Meridians and is what causes us to be alive. It also flows around us in an energy field known as the Aura. Chakras are energy centres in the body that are in constant motion to maintain harmony and balance in your body. When your chakras are blocked or out of balance, you have the potential to develop dis-ease.

As we are all connected by Universal Life Energy at a spiritual level, it is therefore not always necessary for the receiver to be physically present to receive the Reiki – this is known as Distant Healing. Reiki can also be done with the receiver being in a seated or lying down position. No clothes are removed in the session. Reiki can also be done on children, animals and plants. Basically anything can be Reiki’ed.

You don’t have to be ill to benefit from receiving Reiki energy. The Reiki practitioner is merely a tool or vehicle through which the energy is transmitted.

Reiki is an ancient art that has been practiced by many cultures, and is not affiliated with any particular religion.

During the Reiki healing session it is common for either the practitioner and/or the receiver to experience heat, tingling, deep peace or feelings ranging from very subtle to obvious.

Reiki is a wonderful tool to help one develop conscious awareness, the very key to enlightenment. Reiki shows us what we need to learn about ourselves. Once you have experienced the healing energy flowing through you, your life can never be the same. With this ancient healing and energy channelling attunement, you become aware of life and energy operating on all the planes and dimensions within and around us. You become aware of your own unlimited true potential.

Reiki is a technique that reduces stress and promotes healing. It is simple, natural and safe; it has been proven to be effective in helping virtually every known illness. It also helps heal the emotional and psychological components of dis-ease and creates peace of mind. Reiki also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side-effects and promote recovery. It is non-invasive; nature based, and with human touch always creates a beneficial effect.

Usui Shiko Ryoho Reiki

Session: No need to remove your clothes. A session consists of chakra connections, chakra balancing and aura cleanse.




Karuna Reiki

Session: No need to remove your clothes. A session consists of chakra connections, chakra balancing and aura cleanse.

Duration: ±1:00-1:30hrs

Helps with: Stress reduction, relaxation, constipation, sore throat, post nasal drip, headaches, depression, post operation healing, injuries, trauma, etc

Inner Life Skills (ILS) Coaching


ILS Coaching makes use of the skills which all of us possess within ourselves to achieve our goals or outcomes. We all have the answers if we seek within – all we have to do is start excavating the solutions! In all of us is the ability to become the best that we were meant to be, the best that we can be and achieve our full potential!

Coaching can be done for individuals, couples or groups. Various topics or issues can be coached, for example purpose coaching, life coaching, decisions or business coaching to name but a few. By going within and finding your own solutions, we take ownership (self-responsibility) and move forward with a renewed sense of purpose, awareness and direction, the key processes in Coaching.

Coaching gets people to look below the surface at root causes, blind spots, limiting beliefs and thought patterns, as well as the needs and assumptions that are preventing them from moving forward constructively and to improve themselves, performance, teamwork and leadership. The coaching tools highlight a greater knowing of your True Self by finding your own answers that are true for you!

Let’s start your ‘Journey of Transformation, through self-exploration!’

Inner Peace is fundamental to Peace of Mind.

Inner Peace is fundamental to Peace of Mind.

Purpose Coaching

  • Helps one to find purposeful living.
  • Useful for subject selection in grade 9
  • Useful for matriculants to align them with their purpose and aid their study program

Session: Individual coaching session

Duration: ±1:00hr

Dream Big

Business Coaching

  • Find your uniqueness and be the best in your particular line of business
  • Align your business to become your dream job
  • Achieve your full potential at work or in your business
  • Grow your business to new heights
  • Conduct constructive meetings
  • Time management

Session: Individual coaching session

Duration: ±1:00hr

When you come from a space of love, everything that radiates out is Love.

When you come from a space of love, everything that radiates out is Love.


Work with obstacles, decisions, misunderstandings

Session: Individual coaching session

Duration: ±1:00hr

Believe that you can overcome and achieve anything!

Believe that you can overcome and achieve anything!

Group coaching

Coaching sessions are longer and customised according to the clients’ needs

Access Consciousness

“Empowering people to know that they know”

Consciousness embraces everything and judges nothing

“The real change that is possible lies in empowering people that are capable of changing the world and inspiring the people around them with the energy they can be.” – Access Consciousness Founder Gary M. Douglas

Bars Therapy

Assists in overcoming limiting beliefs and thought patterns that prevent us from achieving our full potential. It is a body process for dynamic change comprise of touching 32 points on the head that start to clear most of the limitations about a particular area of your life, i.e. communication, money, control, creativity, hopes and dreams, healing, creating connections, etc. This therapy helps us to embrace, that “all of life comes to us with Ease, Joy and Glory”– taking us away from judgements. There’s no more duality – right or wrong, good and bad – only learning and growing!

Session: No need to remove clothes. Consists of touching 32 points on the head.

Duration: ±1:00hr


Gary and Dain explaining The Bars

“We are the creators of the mess we call our lives. Since we created our life exactly how it is, we also have the power to change it by the choices we make.” Although the tools of Access have generated a great deal of change in the lives of many people, Access does not declare itself to be the only way. Access empowers you to know what is true for you. It allows you to know that you know! Access is an ever-evolving method for altering the parts of your life that don’t show up the way you know they could. Access is not for the feeble-minded or the faint-of-heart. If you have the courage and desire to be truly you, the extraordinary you, the phenomenal you, maybe Access is for you. “The greatest potency is the ability to change, transform and choose.”

– Gary M. Douglas, Founder Access Consciousness & Number One Best Selling Author

Heal Your Life - Mirror Work

Heal Your Life – Mirror Work

Heal Your Life, Heal Your Body

Louise Hay is better known for developing the concept of how our mental cause and create our physical ailments, and by developing positive thought patterns we are able to reverse illness and restore health. This compilation was the basis for her best-selling book Heal Your Body, also known affectionately as “the little blue book.”

I generally incorporate the mind body connection in all of my therapies. I find this combination achieves amazing shifts. When you do the Heal your Body or Heal your Life Workshops you do a lot of inner work.

The various sessions focus on topics such as Mirror Work, Anger, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Body Mapping, Manifesting your goals, Loving yourself, How to use affirmations, etc to name but a few.


Individual sessions 10 x 1-1.5hrs


Group Sessions – Full Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)


Group Sessions – 3.5-4hr Sessions



Munay-Ki means “I Love You” in the Quechan language of the Qéro nation – descendants of the Inka. It is the Rites of Passage of The Shaman’s Path whereby ancient prophecies speak of a New Human on Earth with awakened consciousness. The Earth-keepers felt that people would come to the Munay-Ki when they were ready and felt a calling to do so.

Today, we’re going through an evolution as we bring this ancient body of knowledge into the 21st century. Although the outer form of the teachings changed, the inner form remains the same. The 9 Rites of the Munay-ki are energetic transmissions, which help you to shift into this new way of being. They are the seeds that change the vibration of your energy field, and help you come into alignment with your soul’s purpose. The Rites are given by way of an attunement healing process, during which the recipient receive the healing as well as the transmission. These Rites are sacred and powerful and your life changes after receiving it.

Rites take months to years to integrate and work with you throughout your own spiritual development. When you receive the nine rites, your chakras will have the opportunity to clear and you’ll acquire what the Earth-keepers identify as the rainbow body, as your chakras will glow with their original radiance.

The 9 Rites of Initiation are as follows;

  1. The Healer Rite
  2. The Bands of Power Rite
  3. Harmony Rite
  4. Seer Rite
  5. Day Keeper’s Rite
  6. Earth Keeper’s Rite
  7. Star Keeper’s Rite
  8. Creator Rite

 Munay-Ki assists by:

  • Allow one to tap into the laws of nature and creation
  • Clear the luminous energy field of psychic sludge left by trauma
  • Facilitate to live a more positive life, free of fear and being more present
  • Re-align and attune the neuro-pathways – expanding Consciousness and awaken inner knowledge.
  • Allow one to see in ‘new’ ways, above the purely physical level.
  • Allow luminous beings to come and guide one
  • Assist with letting go of ego and control
  • Help one to become a person of wisdom and power
  • Balance the 4 elements within the self
  • Fast track spiritual evolution.
  • Heal the inner feminine and masculine aspects