Your purpose is not what you do to bring home a pay check.
Your purpose is what you were put on earth to do with such intensity and passion that it becomes a spiritual calling.

Corporate Profile

We live in a fast pace world where the demands on us to perform is never-ending. In addition we have work pressures, home pressures and all kinds of pressures and demands on our time and attention. Trying to maintain balance and keep all the ‘balls’ in the air is a juggle. It may at times feel we cannot keep up when time seems to fly and there are not enough hours in the day!

Often stress from pressure in the workplace leads to staff becoming demoralised, making them susceptible to illness and prone to negligence thus becoming unproductive, resulting in losses to the company.

Our offering to corporate clients promise to relieve the stress, allowing staff to become more relaxed encouraging them to realise their full potential – resulting into motivated employees and increased productivity for the employer…a real win-win situation!


Nandha Govender’s Biography

Over the past two years, I have discovered my purpose is to help others, through coaching, to find meaning and living with purpose. I am currently coaching Eskom employees on a personal and team level within Eskom’s Head Office and coaching teams as part of the Duvha Power Station Assisted Recovery Project.

As a ‘Manager as Coach’, I focus on:

  • Vision, Strategy and Planning
  • Self-empowerment
  • Motivation
  • Performance improvement
  • Value adding relationships
  • Productivity improvement
  • Purpose and direction
  • Leading Self, Others and Change
  • Decision making
  • Work-Life balance
  • Problem solving
  • Role clarity
  • Effective communications
  • Effective meetings
  • Results focused

As a ‘Leader as Coach’, I focus on:

  1. Inspiring and motivating managers and employees to achieve their full potential
  2. Strengthening relationships between managers and employees
  3. Helping employees find purpose and meaning
  4. Finding inner solutions to problems
  5. Empowering managers and teams to excel
  6. Improving work productivity
  7. Making mental shifts from old to new habits
  8. Creating belonging in the workplace

I coach individuals and/or teams at different levels within the organisation at a deeper level to bring about positive changes and attitudes within employees. I coach employees to be healthy, wealthy and fun to work with. I help the business achieve its vision through transformation of the employee’s hearts and minds.


My professional credentials include:

  1. InnerLifeSkills (R) ILS Master Coach through Inner Life Skills Coaching International
  2. Fellow and Certified Director with the Institute of Directors
  3. Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer with the Engineering Council of SA
  4. BSc. Engineering (Mechanical) Degree
  5. General Manager: Water and Environmental Operations within the Primary Energy Division of Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd.



JT Fox Mega Partnering Africa

JT Fox Mega Partnering Africa

Amy Kleinhans - Mega Partnering Africa

Amy Kleinhans – Mega Partnering Africa

Corporate Wellness Day IQ Business Solutions

Corporate Wellness Day IQ Business Solutions

Eskom Wellness Day Exhibition

Eskom Wellness Day Exhibition


Client Portfolio

IQ Business Solutions (Rivonia)


Eskom (Sunninghill)


 Wellness Days

The benefit of Wellness Day events is that it allows employees the opportunity to investigate and experience therapies that help them to identify stress and with professional advice as how to release and manage it. It supports them to find balance, by reducing harmful stressors and in turn boost their productivity.   Following a trial session most reported feeling a sense of peace, calmness, clarity and relaxation and as one employee said “Wow, this is way better than a massage!”

Wellness Day exhibitions creates awareness about where stress is creating imbalance in their lives and how to release it.

Complimentary Services

  • Secretaries Day treatments or gift vouchers
  • Women’s Day treatments or gift vouchers
  • Wellness Day exhibition and sessions
  • Heal your Life – Heal your Body workshops
  • Health and Wellness workshops and talks