World Peace must develop from Inner Peace.
Peace is not the absence of violence,
it’s the manifestation of human compassion.
The Dalai Lama

ABOUT – Infinite Love and Light

Expanding on this vision, it grants me the opportunity to plant the seed of peace and goodwill in everyone I come into contact with, allowing them to go inwards on a journey of transformation.
By making connections, finding their answers and inaugurating that into their own lives…will manifest the Infinite Love and Light that we are!

Sometimes we are too caught up in our circumstances that we fail to see or make the connection and are therefore not able to join the ‘dots’. I believe my role is to merely facilitate the process.



My Personal Journey

I realise our life experiences come about to help us grow, transform and transcend our limitations in order for us to manifest our true self. Most of my personal experiences happened to thrust me into becoming the intuitive healer I am today. In my quest to honour my truth, I’ve encountered many lessons like fortitude to persevere as well as developing compassion so as to forgive and manifest love irrespective of the experience – good or bad. I’ve had to learn to become flexible and not to judge myself and others, and also to be less critical and accepting of my weaknesses and limitations. To that end most of these I had to apply from a young age and readily share my experiences so it might help others. Mine was by no means an easy journey, however I’ve always tried to focus on the bigger picture and the greater good.

I started out my career in corporate, and my progress was because of my work-ethic of diligence and trustworthiness. I believed this experience gave me an understanding of delivering a service that is in alignment with the vision and values of the organisation’s brand.

In 2007 l was overcome with an unexplained desire to take leave of the corporate sector and to embark on a vocation that was more supportive of my personal values. An astrological reading by a former colleague and trained astrologist confirmed the alignment of the planets in my astrological chart to be favourable to the changes I was contemplating…the universe conspiring for me to reach a decision.

I was drawn to healing because of my belief that if people are given an opportunity to change, we could create a better world. Although it might sound idealistic but one can hope, dream and pray…and as the saying goes we’re able to initiate change through our collective thoughts.

My Qualifications

  • International Specialised Kinesiologist (KinDip)
  • Usui Shiko Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher
  • International Karuna Reiki Advance Practitioner
  • Huana Crystal Signature Techniques Teacher
  • Inner Life Skills(ILS) Coach
  • Munay-Ki Teacher
  • AC – Bars Teacher
  • Heal Your Life Practitioner
  • Spiritual Counselling

While I embarked on this journey in 2007, I’ve always had an interest in the holistic and natural and the relationship of mind, body and spirit to heal ourselves.   From a young age I was fascinated by earth’s quantified supremacy over all living things and learning about the healing power of crystals, animals and nature, only confirmed what I’ve always known intuitively. One could say I’ve always understood that somehow there existed an interconnectedness to the oneness of all things.

I’ve always allowed my common sense, intuition and heart to guide my way, and applied, it guided me in the direction of which healing modalities to practice.   Because most of these therapies are unusual and different, I found that most people while having certain curiosity were ignorant or unfamiliar because of vague explanations. Hence my endeavours to communicate the benefits and practises, making it understandable to a wider audience.

In 2010 I was given the intuition to exercise and become fit which actually made sense because I had gained some weight following my pregnancies that I needed to lose. I however did not realise at the time that this was actually in preparation for the work that I needed to do with the portals in 2012. Initially it was supposed to be a couple of us making the journey to India however, when the actual trip came it was only me and my family, confirming the initial guidance I received. It was revealed that I had to follow my inner guidance when planning the itinerary because of the timing and what needed to happen. This led me to pay our respects to the Taj Mahal (Love), the Jwala Mukhi Shaktipeeth (Light) and a smaller temple (3x3m) at the entrance to the Himalaya mountains known as the Galu Devi Temple, devoted to the Lord Shiva. By the way – Shiva also represents healing!

This was an amazing experience and adventure and we felt very blessed and honoured to be part of this. I must share that whenever I completed whatever needed to be done at each place, you could literally feel the shift in energy. The purpose of the trip was to usher in the Love, Light and Integration and Expansion of it.

Having a good intuition helps, because healers are trained to discern and interpret signs and symptoms and to apply health-giving treatments to deal with the underlying issues.

N-GovenderWith over 15 years of combined Senior Management, Engineering and Directorship experience I am the first to admit that the current way of Management and Supervision is not effective in the current business environment leading to good performers burning out, the best talent leaving and low performers hiding, resulting in high skills turnover, low staff morale and poor team performance.

Despite being an engineer by profession, my ability to work with and get the most out of my team has come through naturally as part of my various Management roles. However, through an organisational 360 degree leadership survey, I discovered Coaching and Mentoring Others as an area requiring development. I then registered on a Coaching Programme with Inner Life Skills International (ILS) and qualified as a Life Coach and recently a Master Coach. My self-coaching and coaching others journey has transformed me personally and I have discovered my true passion and purpose which is to serve my fellow colleagues and Clients by coaching them to discover their purpose and to achieve their full potential.

Over the years, I realized that Managers and Supervisors are not adequately equipped to handle the current work pressures and stresses and/or manage their teams effectively. I help inspire, transform and empower Managers and Supervisors and their teams to achieve their performance goals and targets through improved motivation, and strengthened relationships and communications. I offer my Clients with Professional Coaching directed mostly at coaching and empowering Managers and Supervisors to get the best out of their teams whilst improving their own leadership skills.


Social Responsibility


Being part of a large family of eight and having the example of parents giving back to the community in whichever way they could, taught me to have compassion for those less fortunate. People that are less fortunate are unable to afford healing but would benefit so much from it. I participate in various forms of voluntary work, not only healing.

The purpose of selfless service is to help us to transform ourselves and grow. Various spiritual organisations and the Ascended Master teaching also suggests that the way to Ascension is through Selfless Service. I also cultivate in my clients and students a sense of giving back in any way they can, and that does not necessarily mean financially.

When you do selfless service, it opens and expands your heart and you feel so much better!



Once a quarter I try and get Reiki Practitioners together to have Reiki exchange sessions where we do healing on each other. This platform was created as healers also need healing. Practitioners may not feel confident with healing and this helps them to build their confidence.

They get to interact with like-minded people, share their experiences and discuss any challenges they may be having. The gathering is for free, donations are welcome and everyone brings an eggless vegetarian treat to share.

How my Logo came about

During meditation I had a glimpse of three flames in an equilateral triangular shape. This represented the divine number three that represents the holy trinity as well as its balance. It represented for me the method in which I was working on the physical, emotional, mental levels leading to the balance of the spiritual being the essence of our soul.

The apex where the three flames merge represents the ideal or highest spiritual potential that exists within all of us. The anti-clockwise spiral came about, as all of us stems from being centred and connected within, that move and manifest in the outside world. In other words, from the point of centeredness and inner peace we manifest our authentic unique self. The spiral also represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth. The various colours represent our energy center and the colours of the rainbow that gives hope. Because our ultimate quest is wholeness and completeness, the circle therefore represents beings of ‘Infinite Love and Light’.

How my business name came about

Infinite-Love-and-Light-WordsThe name ‘Infinite Love and Light’ came about after getting repetitive messages of love and light, a couple of years ago and dawned on me that we are indeed beings of ‘Infinite Love and Light’. I woke up one morning to an urgent message ‘ to register the business name that day’. When registering the business I realised that it happened to be the day of my guru’s birthday, an auspicious date…I would like to think of it as serendipity!